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Bitrade got many features that makes you trading with the best user experience

  • Trade on many cryptocurrencies

    Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more other tokens in the most easy way as possible. Trading has never been so intuitive.

  • Connect with traders all over the world

    Share your ideas, information, advices and comments with other traders around the world on a news feed, that will soon be available on the platform.

  • Trade on all devices

    Buy and sell coins securely trought our platform on all devices. Desktop, phone, tablet, every single screens !

  • Learn how trading works

    Get information on all tokens and learn how to trade cryptocurrencies ! Exclusive on Bitrade. Improve your skills today !

Trading made simple with an easy interface

We care about our interface so that people get used to trading in the most simple way possible.

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    User friendly interface

    Our interface has benn designed to be simple, and allow people to understand what they do on the platform.

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    Secure trading place

    On Bitrade, we care about security for users, it's why we builded a strong trusted trading place.

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    Online Support

    We are here for you every day to answer and help you trading via our social media, send us a message !


  • 8 Digital currencies available
  • 20+ Total country supported
  • 1000 Total users each month

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    Alexandre Dunoit

    Trader at Bitrade

    Very easy platform ! Good for new traders to begin in the crypto world

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    Didier Vanoit

    Top trader at Bitrade

    On Bitrade, there is almost everything you need to invest smartly and securely

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    Victoria Salva

    Beginner on Bitrade

    Just love Bitrade, I started knowing nothing and now I can trade very well !

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